Dear FRCC community, 

I am heartbroken to have to write you this message about yet another mass shooting—this time in Colorado Springs. Everyone here at FRCC knows the anxiety these events can cause for our students, faculty and staff, especially for those of you who identify as LGBTQIA+. Our hearts go out to everyone who is feeling scared and angry because of this horrific crime.  

FRCC stands in solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ community and we support you as we mourn the loss of life from the shooting Saturday at Club Q. We are committed to creating a safe environment at the college where everyone feels welcome and knows that they belong here. 

Togetherness and Support 

If you are looking for a supportive community space, please join Dr. Krishna Pattisapu (they/them), our Executive Director of Equity and Inclusion, for an informal virtual drop-in space today (Monday, Nov. 21) from 2:00-3:45. 

Counseling Appointments  

It can also help to talk with someone one-on-one. For anyone who would like meet with a trained mental health counselor, FRCC offers free counseling for all students. Appointments are available at all three of our campuses and online. 

For FRCC employees, offers in-person and video counseling appointments, as well as urgent assistance. Employees have access to six free counseling sessions per rolling year.  

Student LGBTQIA+ Groups 

Each of FRCC’s campuses has a student organization focused on providing support and community for people of all orientations, gender identities and expressions. Students who would like to get involved should consider joining. 

Boulder County Campus—QUIP (Queers United in Pride) 

For more info, email Leslie

Larimer Campus—Sexuality and Gender Alliance  

For more info, contact Kendyl

Westminster Campus—Club PRISM (Pride, Raising Awareness, Inclusiveness, Support and Mentoring) 

For more information, email Club Prism.    

Community Gatherings/Vigils 

What You Can Do 

Many of us feel helpless in situations like this. If taking action helps you to deal with a tragedy of this nature, one thing many of us can do is give blood. As blood from elsewhere in Colorado is being sent to Colorado Springs in response to the shooting, this story from 9News outlines how you can give to help replenish the supply. 

Or if you’d rather make a financial donation, this Denver Post article outlines where you can donate to verified fundraisers for Club Q victims, their families and survivors. Club Q has announced that Colorado Healing Fund is the official site for donations. 

Be There for Each Other 

To everyone in our FRCC community, please continue to support and care for each other. That’s one of the things you do so well that makes FRCC home. Please continue to have patience with those around you and give grace to colleagues or students who may be struggling during this difficult time. 


Colleen Simpson, EdD 

President, Front Range Community College 

Welcoming. Respectful. Inclusive. Together, we are FRCC. 

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