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Dear FRCC Community,

I am deeply saddened to write yet another message in response to heartbreaking mass shootings.  This time at a grocery store in Buffalo, NY—a mass murder motivated by racism—and at an elementary school in Uvalde, TX—a senseless crime which took the lives of 19 young children and two teachers.

I can imagine the anxiety these events cause for many of you, especially for those who are parents and for our students and employees who have been the target of racism in their lives. My heart goes out to you—and to everyone who is feeling scared and angry because of these horrific crimes. FRCC supports you and is committed to creating a safe environment at the college and to continue to stand against racism.

If you see someone hurting, please reach out to them. Students can access our mental health services on campus or virtually. For employees, our Human Resources Department has resources to assist if you are feeling overwhelmed, shaken or need support.

If you see racism or bias-motivated mistreatment, please speak up. If you are concerned about safety, discrimination, or harassment on campus, please say something. You can contact:

Below are some additional community resources at (or near) each FRCC campus that may be helpful:

To all of our students, faculty and staff, please continue to care for one another as you do so well. I hope you will continue to support each other and have patience and kindness with colleagues or students who may be struggling during these difficult times.


Andrew Dorsey

Andy Dorsey

FRCC President

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