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As an advisor for online learning at FRCC, I have one strong piece of advice to give to every college student: If you haven’t already, schedule some time to meet with your advisor—sooner, rather than later. We’re here to support and guide you, and we have a lot of really helpful advice we’d love to share with you.  

I’ve been a pathways advisor here at the college for about four years now. I was drawn to this role after having a good college experience myself, and was inspired to help other students do the same. If you’re a student, I hope that after reading this you can feel welcome to connect with your advisor!

What to Expect During Your Advising Appointment   

FRCC houses online pathways advisors at all three of our campuses (in WestminsterLongmont and Fort Collins). We each have a caseload of students based on the Career and Academic Community that we’re assigned to.  

We meet with students via phone, email, video, text message, in-person—and on a drop-in basis. During your academic advising appointments with us, topics we cover might include:  

Academic Support Center at Larimer campus

We welcome you to reach out to your advisor at any time so that we can get to know you and assist with whatever you need.   

What Does Meeting With Your Advisor Look Like? 

I’ll tell you about an appointment I had recently with “Sam.” Sam has previous college credits from a different school, so I walked them through how to transfer those credits in to FRCC—to apply to the associate degree in biology that Sam is interested in.  

Young woman working on a laptop computer.

We reviewed the academic map for the Associate of Science degree in biology, and together we made a part time schedule for spring semester that balances well with Sam’s work schedule. We also discussed course materials, resources like online tutoring and made sure Sam feels comfortable accessing their online courses.  

Lastly, I referred Sam to FRCC Career Services because they are interested in updating their résumé. We scheduled a follow-up appointment for next semester to make sure things are going smoothly and to plan the following semester.  

What Else Do Advisors Do? 

In an ever-changing landscape, it is important for advisors to meet frequently with their team, to attend relevant trainings and to participate in committee work so that we can best advise students.  

These meetings help to keep everyone on the same page about situations that arise commonly for students. They help us to trouble shoot, to learn about best practices—and about certain academic processes. We also spend a good amount of time planning our outreach to students so that we can give them timely information and assistance throughout the semester.  

An Open Door for Students 

My role as a pathways advisor has proven to be very dynamic! I have gotten to meet with students from many walks of life, and each appointment is unique. I enjoy being able to help students along their journey.  

Here are some quotes from my fellow advisors about why they love doing what we do:  

“Advising is like a puzzle, and I love helping students put all the pieces together so they can accomplish their goals.” 

– Bianca Sanchez, online advisor for pre-nursing & BSN programs 

“Sometimes, students don’t know where to go or who to ask for help. As an advisor, I enjoy being an open door for students to seek support, and pointing them to the right place for next steps when another person’s expertise is needed. When I felt lost and confused as a new college student, my advisors were there for me. I love that I’m following in their footsteps, supporting new college students at FRCC.”  

– Rebecca Hubbard, Assistant Director, Advising & Retention 

“I love supporting students through life challenges and helping empower them to reach their potential.”  

– Gina Shiba, online advisor for social science, education & public service programs 

From all of us in Online Advising, we look forward to meeting with you soon!  

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