student playing basketball in new fitness center

The brand spanking new High Plains Fitness Center at the Westminster Campus is the best fitness deal in town for FRCC students. Membership is free.

And what do you get for free in the 12,902-square-foot facility? Access to a weight room, a cardio room, a yoga and dance studio, a gymnasium floor, even basketball and volleyball intramurals. And great male, female, and all-gender lockers areas and showers.

Connect with Yourself, Connect with Others

You get something more, too: Connections.

“Life is about connections,” says Amber Kavehkar, Fitness Center coordinator and instructor of physical education. “I want to get students connected to themselves, and then they can better connect to others.

“We give them the tools and a facility. Your body is a tool, too. Use it or lose it. Students can use this space to better themselves today. Moving the body is what this space is about.”

Amber knows a lot about moving the body. She earned a Master of Science in Kinesiology, the study of human movement. She also is a wellness coach, who specializes in yoga, with a former profession in collegiate softball coaching.

Where is the High Plains Fitness Center?

It’s right on campus – on the B Level at the foot of the stairway across from the Bookstore. Get in a workout before or after classes. It’s open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays, and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Fridays.

Welcome to the Weight Room

If you need to learn about using this equipment in this 2,825-square-foot area, ask at the front desk for an orientation.

  • Olympic lift station
  • 2 bench press stations
  • 2 incline bench stations
  • Smith press
  • 4 free weight benches
  • 2 free weight seated benches
  • 2 ab benches
  • Preacher curl bench
  • 18 pin-loaded weight machines to focus on various muscle groups
  • Cybex cable crossover
  • Stretching and kickboxing area

Check out the Cardio Room

If you need to learn about using this equipment in this 1,033-square-foot area, ask at the front desk for an orientation.

  • 4 bicycles
  • 6 spin cycles
  • 2 stair steppers
  • 3 ellipticals
  • 2 rowers
  • 5 treadmills
  • 1 upper body ergometer

Enter the Yoga and Dance Studio

  • Great wood floor
  • Stunning view of the Front Range
  • Barre & mirrors for rehearsal
  • Close the door for quiet space
  • Open Floor hours available
  • Spacious at 1,251 square feet

Open Court Gymnasium

  • Practice your jumper or free throws
  • Play Volleyball or pepper with a friend
  • Check out a ball at the front desk with your Wolf Card
  • Join a pickup game
  • Jump Rope
  • 5,587 square feet

Join an Intramural Event

The Wolf Play Intramural League promotes

  • Teamwork and personal accomplishment
  • Mutual respect and integrity
  • Competition and recreation
  • Skill and exercise

For spring 2015, create or join a team for four-on-four basketball or six-player volleyball. Don’t know anyone? You can also sign up as an individual free agent to be placed on a team.

Inside the New Membership Packet

  • Group fitness classes and descriptions
  • Fitness assessment by appointment
  • Fit Talk Seminars every other Tuesday & Thursday
  • Locker rental information
  • A list of the best fitness apps of 2015
  • Starter strength training log and example workout
  • Food journal template
  • Strength training template
  • Sample exercises

How do I join the High Plains Fitness Center?

Stop at the front desk and ask for a registration packet. You can also find documents on Wolf Life.

No initiation fee. No monthly charge. Your Wolf Card is your ticket to free membership – the best deal in town.

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