How has the semester started off? Have you found your routine and balance with classes, work, and life in general? Are you familiar with all of the resources that exist to help you be successful in your studies? From tutoring to brainstorming paper topics to academic success coaching and workshops, there are a number of places dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals.


Tutoring services exist in a number of different ways on each campus. Leah Lucarelli, the Tutor Coordinator on the Westminster Campus shared that it is really important for students to take advantage of tutoring before it is too late and you can’t salvage the grade. Even though you can request a tutor until the withdraw deadline of your class, Leah encourages students to not wait until the last minute because the sooner you can get help it becomes more likely that you will be able to pass the class. See the Special Services office on your campus for information on how to qualify and get connected with tutoring.

Learning Labs/Walk-In Tutoring

Many academic departments also coordinate free walk-in tutoring and learning labs. Subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Accounting offer additional help with an instructor or tutor for a couple of hours each week. These walk-in times offer the opportunity to get your questions answered in more of a one-on-one setting. You can come to these labs as needed whenever you need help with a class. The learning lab and walk-in tutoring schedules are available at the Special Services or Academic Advising office on your campus.

Math Lab and Writing Center

Each campus has a Math Lab and Writing Center, where students can bring in homework and questions. These Academic Support Labs are a good place to utilize time between classes to get work done. Often times, instructors spend time in the labs each week, which is a great opportunity to connect and make sure you are grasping the material. Check in with your instructor to see when they are in the Writing Center or Math Lab but if they are not, there are lots of other folks there to help.

Tips for Using Writing Center

In the Writing Center, it is helpful to come in prepared with your assignment sheet, rubric for paper grading, and any materials you plan to use to write the paper. It is best to come into the Writing Center early in the paper drafting process with specific areas that you need help in so that the tutor or instructor can provide you with specific advice to help you become a stronger writer. The Writing Center helps students with any papers for ANY class, not just English, so it’s a great resource! If it is tough for you to come in to campus or you take all of your classes online, there is also the Online Writing Lab available to students.


What have your experiences been with tutoring and the academic support labs? What is one thing for your fellow students to know?



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