In recent days, the world has witnessed the Russian military launch a full-scale invasion into Ukraine. I know I speak for many of my colleagues when I say our thoughts have been with the Ukrainian people who have demonstrated incredible courage and strength as they fight off an unprovoked attack on their homeland.  

The reality of the humanitarian toll is already being felt in Ukraine and around the world. I also recognize that while the Russian government is solely responsible for this crisis, that is not the case for the Russian people who have been protesting by the thousands against a senseless war.  

Global Impacts 

While this conflict is happening on the other side of the world, it touches us all. We see the bravery in the Ukrainian people who are not only fighting for their home, but for the ideals of democracy, human rights and self-governance that we as Americans share—along with many in the western world. We are a global society, and this attack has created a crisis that has not been seen in our generation.  

A Community of Support 

As a college community, students and employees at FRCC have the opportunity to lean on each other for support, and to offer comfort to those who need it. Many members of our campus community have been impacted by the events happening in Ukraine either directly or indirectly. 

In the coming days, all members of the FRCC community are encouraged to engage in conversations with their peers, faculty and student support staff. At FRCC we celebrate our ability to participate in open dialogue with one another—and to learn from and celebrate our diverse backgrounds as global citizens.  

Resources Here at Home 

As an institution, we have students, faculty and staff from all over the world, including Ukraine and Russia. Some of our community members also have family and loved ones who are living in the region.  

We are offering our support to these members of our college community. For those who need assistance, we share with you the following resources:  

  • Counseling and Mental Health services are available to both students and staff
  • Crisis Line—1 (844) 493-TALK (8255) or text TALK to 38255 for help managing your situation or to provide immediate support and consultation. 
  • Learn about Ukraine and Russia—Attend our virtual talk with faculty member Ian Feinhandler, PhD, as he analyzes the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Join us virtually Friday, March 4, from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. Click here to join. (Meeting ID: 832 8072 2685 Passcode: Russia) 
  • Information about the situation—The U.S. State Department has shared this webpage for information about the situation in Ukraine. 
  • How to help—The US Agency on International Development (USAID) has compiled ways you can help.  

United in Humanity 

We celebrate our students who come to us from across the globe. As members of humanity, we have much more in common than we have differences—and in times of uncertainty, we will use compassion as our strength.  

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. As we watch with the rest of the world the events that continue to unfold, we hope for the safety of the people of eastern Europe—and maintain optimism for a swift and peaceful end to the hostilities we have seen unfold.   

Andrew Dorsey

Andy Dorsey, President 

Front Range Community College 

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