Let’s get this out of the way first: it’s more than beer.

Hard to believe in Colorado, which produces more beer than any other state, but the new Associate of Science degree with designation in Fermentation Sciences at Front Range Community College is about fermentation – food, wine, and, yes, beer.

The beer industry, however, is a good way to explain the breadth of job opportunities and educational options. There’s the brewing operation, of course, but there also are jobs in a brewery laboratory, in engineering brew systems, and on the business and marketing sides of the industry. The Fermentation Sciences degree encompasses all areas.

Courses cover beer, wine, food fermentation

The Fermentation Sciences courses cover craft beer brewing, wine fundamentals, and fermented food sciences. The Fermentation Sciences classes are taught at the Boulder County Campus in Longmont.

Other required courses for the Associate of Science degree with designation include biology, microbiology, and chemistry classes to understand the processes that make beer beer and wine wine and kimchi, the fermented Korean dish, kimchi.  Add in an algebra-based physics course and you can see why this is an Associate of Science degree. Lots of science. You could take the other required courses at any FRCC campus or online.

If your interest is in business or marketing, you could also take Accounting Principles and classes in communication, history, arts and humanities, and social and behavioral sciences.

Fermentation Sciences degree transfers to CSU, Metro

Now, educational opportunities. There are two transfer options with the degree. “It’s wonderful to have either option,” says Louise Brown, the lead faculty. “You can pick your area.”

With what is known as a degree with designation, you can transfer with junior status to Colorado State University for a bachelor of science in fermentation science and technology.

There is also a transfer agreement with Metropolitan State University of Denver for junior status for a bachelor of science in brewery operations.

Completing degree adds other skills employers want

Completing the degree gives you key skills beyond fermentation sciences no matter which path you take – skills like critical thinking, effective communication, information and technology literacy, professionalism, and quantitative reasoning.

Potential jobs include production positions in beer-brewing, wine production, and food and beverage processing business as well as laboratory, business, and marketing positions in any of the industries.

Next class: Fermented Food Sciences

Fermented Food Sciences is scheduled for spring semester in a classroom remodeled to accommodate ovens, stoves, and food-friendly refrigerators.

Whether you want more knowledge as you brew in your basement, want to know more about wine, are interested in the science of food, or want to add a special interest to your business degree, Fermentation Sciences at the Boulder County Campus may be just what you’re looking for.

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