Another acronym, right? Yes—but we’re going to break it down so you know what it means to you! It is one of four degree types offered at a community college – and one of the most popular. It stands for an Associate of Applied Science degree. Now let’s break it down.

Associate: 2-year degree

An Associate degree is often referred to a two-year-college degree. It’s generally around 60 credits long, which would take you two years to complete if you go full time but you can always go at your own pace as a part-time student as well. In fact, about 75 percent of students at FRCC attend part time.

Applied Science: Practical, hands-on

As in, hands-on, real-world career skills. There are many career paths that fall under our Applied Science degree—from Accounting to Computer Information Systems to Hospitality & Culinary Arts. Applied Science means you’re DOING the learning. Can you imagine learning to cook if you weren’t in a kitchen?

60 credits + Practical Skills = A highly trained, career ready YOU

Associate of Applied Science degrees are unique to community colleges—most four-year universities don’t offer the same type of skill-building classes that community colleges can. At FRCC, you can you take welding classes, major in Automotive Technology, or spend your days in the machine shop and call it homework!

The A.A.S. degree is not intended to transfer to bachelor-degree programs, but certain courses may be accepted toward a bachelor’s degree at some institutions. 

Studies show that our economy is desperate for a skilled workforce as our baby boomer generation gets ready to retire. Now is the time to position yourself toward the career you want, and an A.A.S will help you get there.

Questions on your next steps? Get in touch and we can help you understand the options to help you choose the right path for you.

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