As a college student in the digital age, you are lucky to have a lot of advantages. For every organizational, study, or time management need you may have, there likely is an app—or several—that will help you stay on top of your many responsibilities.

Whether you could use a lot of assistance or a little, here are seven great apps that will help you manage your life, tasks, time, and sanity while on the go:

1. Evernote

Dubbed a single workspace that “lives across your phone, tablet, and computer,” Evernote is one of the most popular notetaking apps on the market because of its many features and simple functionality. While notetaking is its primary feature, Evernote also allows you to share notes across devices, add photos of handwritten notes, scan and save hard copy or email documents, create project files in which you can attach notes, emails, and photos, and store all of your files in one central location. Everything in Evernote becomes searchable—even the handwritten documents.

2. RescueTime

RescueTime pulls back the curtain on where and how you spend your time on your computer and/or mobile devices. You can track how much time you spend on certain websites, social media, and email, and receive detailed reports on your productivity. You can even block distracting websites for set periods of “focus” time. RescueTime can also send alerts when you linger on a website or activity for too long.

3. do makes creating and managing your daily, weekly, and ongoing to-do lists simple and easy. You can schedule reminders and sync your tasks from your mobile devices to your home computer. The app offers a daily planner where you can create, share, and delegate tasks. also has notetaking functionality and allows you to upload and attach almost any type of file to your tasks.

4. StudyBlue

Create and share digital flashcards or pull from StudyBlue’s enormous library of user-generated materials in all different subjects to do so. StudyBlue lets you incorporate pictures and audio as well as text into your flashcards. As you quiz yourself, you can track your progress and contact classmates to ask questions or discuss difficult concepts.

5. iStudiez Pro

One of the go-to student planner apps is iStudiez Pro, which combines the daily schedule planner, assignment and task tracking, and grades and GPA tracking into one application. You can even share your calendar or specific events with others who use Google Calendar. The app also syncs all data between your desktop or laptop, smartphone, and tablet devices.

6. Todoist

This to-do list app is a simple way to stay ahead of your daily tasks. You can organize your subjects into projects, add tasks within each subject, and assign tasks and due dates to different people or classmates for shared projects. Perfect for the student who wants to keep track of tasks digitally, but doesn’t want to learn or manage anything too complex, Todoist is a great way to break large projects into smaller, manageable chunks. Sync easily between your mobile devices and computer.

7. Pocket

Doing research for that paper or project in between classes? Pocket can help you collect articles, videos, images, and more and save them in a “pocket” on your phone, computer, or tablet. When you’re ready, view the content on or offline. You’ll always have a library of the articles and pages that you save to refer back to when creating your bibliography or doing follow-up projects.

For more great apps that will make your life as a college student a little bit easier, browse the Google Play or Apple iTunes stores.

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