As a student, the importance of managing your schedule, organizing your life, and staying on task cannot be understated—but putting those good habits into practice may be a little easier said than done. The good news? We live in the digital age, where technology makes so many things easier, including time management. Here are a few great apps for busy students on the go.

iStudiez Pro

This student planner has everything a student needs to manage their schedule, assignments, calendar, and even grades. The main tool of iStudiez Pro is the planner, which allows you to input all courses, exams, class times, and assignments by semester. Assignments get organized by due date and priority so you can quickly look over each day’s to-dos at study time. ($2.99 in the iTunes App Store for Mac, iPhone, or iPad)

Planner Plus

Planner Plus is essentially an electronic day planner that allows you to see each day of the calendar with daily tasks and notes. You also can look ahead at days and weeks at a time, and bigger class projects can be divided into sub-tasks. View it in iTunes. ($8.99 in the iTunes App Store for iPad)

Awesome Note

For students who also work and need to keep track of a school and work schedule and tasks for both, Awesome Note is worth a look. It features everything you would expect in an all-in-one planner/organizer: a calendar with daily schedule, task list (viewable in the calendar view), folders to store notes, and more. ($3.99 in the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)


If you’re a simple to-do list type of person who prefers to carry a paper calendar with you (and doesn’t necessarily need a mobile calendar), you might like CARROT, coined “the to-do list with a personality.” There’s not much more to it than adding to-dos to your list and getting rewarded for completing them (or chastised for not). Entertaining and very simple. ($1.99 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)

With a little help from technology, you can stay on top of your schedule and many to-dos. These certainly aren’t the only apps out there—do a quick Google search or iTunes App Store search for “time management tools” or “calendar apps” and you’ll see the plethora of choices available.

Do you use an electronic planner, mobile apps, or other computerized tools to manage your life? Which ones do you like the most?


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