Now is the time to apply for scholarships! Many organizations and donors across the country have applications open to apply for scholarships that will be awarded starting in the Fall 2015 semester. As you apply to these opportunities, check out this Scholarship Checklist to help guide you along your way.

Gather Documents

Most scholarships require transcripts, a list of extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation or references. Be sure to send the type of transcript requested (official or unofficial). Make sure all documents have correct spelling, grammar, and formatting.


Start with local scholarships; this will give you an advantage, rather than scholarships with larger application pools.

Some useful websites for Colorado residents include:


Once you have a list of scholarships, look at the essay requirements. You can have a general outline written, but each scholarship may ask unique questions. Carefully read the questions and be sure to customize your essay accordingly. Use a spellchecker and have someone review your essay.


Make sure all documentation is in one place, and that all papers are neat and clean. If anything is damaged or wrinkled, or your writing is messy, you should reprint. Keep copies of all documents, and mark deadlines on your calendar.

Get Help

Many high schools and colleges have someone who can help you with scholarships. If you need help with writing scholarship essays, if you are getting frustrated with research, or if you just have questions, contact your school’s advisor or counselor for help.

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