Aw, summer. Time to relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy taking a break from the everyday routine. Rarely do you hear someone mention they plan to spend their summer prepping for scholarship applications. Well, here are three reasons why you may want to consider doing just that as you grab the sunblock and head outside!

1. Most scholarship deadlines close between September-May.

Unless you thrive off pushing yourself to the last minute, summer is a great time to prepare for deadlines that will fall during midterms, papers, and the hectic schedule of school. Working on scholarship research now can free up some of your time once the semester kicks into high gear. Front Range has its own scholarship website at with helpful tips on how to get started now.

2. Summer is a time to work on building your resume.

Building your resume is not just for getting a new job. It also helps to put you ahead of the rest of the crowd for scholarship applications. Think about adding some community service, join a club, or work part-time to further your interests and hobbies this summer. These activities can also help you gain some experience in the area in which you are receiving your degree.

3. Stay motivated for a successful year at school.

Summer can sometimes have a way of zapping motivation for school. Having a task, like applying for scholarships, can help you stay focused for the upcoming school year. Motivation for going back to school can also get a big boost if you happen to be selected as a scholarship winner over the summer!


If you plan on applying for scholarships, what are some other ideas to help you prepare this summer for upcoming deadlines?


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