Last year I made up my mind to go back to school. That decision brought growth and change as well as doubt. I wasn’t sure how to set myself up for academic success and was afraid of failure. I found that engaging with my uncertainty helped me discover my passion for education. I took a few steps  that’s shaped my time at Front Range.

1. Understand that Education is an Individual Journey

I took a roundabout route to Front Range. I attended a small liberal arts college directly out of high school but felt incredibly unsatisfied. Although everything around me told me why I should love being there, I made the difficult decision to leave. After spending a few years out of college living and working at a retreat center, I understood how much an education mattered.

2. Personally Invest in Your Education

When I decided to return to school, there were several factors I deemed necessary for a meaningful education. First, I wanted professors who were excited to teach and who challenged me to think. Second, I wanted to find value in my studies while connecting school with life. And finally, I wanted other students who also valued their educations. I found Front Range almost by accident but being a student here has jump started my road to success. I began finding tools to support myself and started engaging with campus offerings.

3. Utilize Resources

All colleges and universities have student resources, academic and beyond. Front Range is a gem when it comes to student services. Whether I need help writing a paper, working through a math problem, or finding a club where I can creatively work with others, Front Range has risen to the occasion. Did I mention the countless online research databases that students have access to?

4. Find Your Motivation

College does not have to be something that happens to us, but rather a process we are engaged in and help create. Motivation is key to maintaining a positive attitude and vision when in school. I enjoy learning but connecting my studies with the bigger picture of life motivates me to keep going.

5. Go Forth as an Engaged Learner and Succeed

I found my place by taking initiative and becoming an active participant in my education. College is about dreaming big and exploring. I want to become educated in a way that works for me. I’m learning to advocate for myself and take responsibility for how deeply I engage with my studies both personally and academically. School is my incubator for critical thinking and life skills. In the end, I want to challenge myself, have fun, and live in the world as an active citizen.

How are you engaging your education? If you have a story, please share it!

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