Kathryn Howarth

As a second year student at Front Range Community College, I love my school, and I’m proud to be in college. I am a very active student on campus from being in Student Government, Leadership groups, and Ally clubs. This was not always the case for me, and I had to overcome some very large hurdles to get here.

I barely graduated high school.

At the end of my senior year I was in a accident that caused some brain damage. I had severe substance abuse issues until I turned 21 and made the choice to get sober and healthy.

I’ve tried college several times…

…but never making it through the first semester. When I finally applied to Front Range, I thought it was the right move. I had my target set on studying GIS and Geography, which are both my passions. I started at Front Range in the Fall of 2013. I was so scared and my past school history didn’t scream success inside of me.

Then the Colorado floods happened and it was a very surreal experience for me. I volunteered to help clean up after the floods from shoveling debris to working dump sites. Working the dump sites was heartbreaking to watch these people throw everything away.

I felt like I had to do more.

I was convinced school was not for me, and that I should join the armed services. I was following my regular pattern of giving up before ever really giving school a chance, but some friends sat me down and told me to just finish the semester.

Making my dream a reality at FRCC.

I have overcome my fears by attending all my classes, never giving up, and by building a great support group of friends and faculty. In high school I always dreamed of being involved, and today that dream is my reality. I carry high grades, and have become a leader on campus.

Being a leader is a gift.

Being a leader on campus is such a gift to me, a gift that I continuously give back to my school. I help run goal setting meetings to help students like myself focus on our smaller goals to accomplish the bigger picture. One of the great gifts I have received from being a leader on campus, is that my fellow students look to me for guidance in how to be successful.

There’s always someone to help.

I have felt like giving up a few times, but there has always been someone there or me to pull me up from the fire. I love the community of students, mentors, advisors, and faculty we have a Front Range. It feels like a very supportive and encouraging community of people, which I had never experienced before. I have a close connection with faculty and fellow students, making me feel like we are all doing something good and we all belong to a great community.

Today, my bigger picture looks like finishing at Front Range with two degrees, and I want to go all the way to get my Ph.D. Front Range helped me discover and seek these gifts and goals.

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