Facing a career change? Have you been taking general education classes without a clear sense of what you would like to major in after FRCC? Not sure of jobs that best utilize your interests and passions? If you have been struggling to answer any of these questions, it might be a great time to take a career assessment.

What is a career assessment?

Career assessments are tools that are designed to help you get a better sense of how your interests, skills, and values can align with potential career options. There are many different types of assessments that exist, and FRCC uses two different assessments to help students learn more about themselves.

Understand Your Interests

One is the Strong Interest Inventory, which is asks you to answer questions based on your level of interest. The assessment uses your answers to determine ten occupations that might be a good fit based on your interests. Different scales are provided to provide an in-depth look at your interest areas and help you think about what types of work environments and roles might be good for you. The occupations are connected with a great website called O*Net, which helps you get even more info on what that job does, the knowledge and skills required, and what the outlook is in the state of Colorado.

Learn Your Personality Preferences

Another assessment that FRCC offers is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI. This personality inventory helps you better understand your innate preferences like how you like to take in information, how you make decisions, and where you get your energy from. You are then identified as having one of 16 different personality types. There are no personality types better than another, and learning your preferences can help determine what kinds of work environments and roles might be well suited to you. The MBTI is the most widely used personality inventory in the world.

Where can you take one?

Contact your college advising office or career services center to find out more about scheduling an appointment with a counselor.

What does it cost?

For FRCC students, there are a couple of different options for assessments. Career counselors on each campus are available to offer the MBTI or Strong Interest Inventory for $15 each, which is the cost of the test.

Another service on campus is the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC), a grant funded program through the US Department of Education. As long as you do not already have a bachelor’s degree, you can take either the MBTI or Strong for free. The EOC also offers a number of other services such as educational advising and assistance with financial aid and scholarships. Schedule an appointment today!

Have you taken a career assessment? What did you learn about yourself?

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