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Coming into Front Range Community College (FRCC) for the first time I was unaware of the vast amount of resources that were available to me as a student. Walking around campus and actually paying attention to my surroundings, noticing signs hung up on bulletin boards, Student Life, followed by the incredible amount of staff willing to offer those resources. They were everywhere! In addition to that, scrolling through the Front Range website gave me long list of resources that were available to me at my convenience, now that I understand what Front Range has to offer, I want to make sure that anyone and everyone is taking advantage of these student resources. They truly have been a lifesaver.  

Advisors & Counselors

School classes or even life getting hectic? FRCC offers helpful advising and counseling to anyone who needs it. Whether Stress Management, Advising, Counseling, and even Veteran Services, you name it, Front Range probably has it. Make use of this resource, especially when it comes to planning out your classes for the continuous stretch of your academic career, however long that may be. As an undeclared student my first year, having an advisor that was willing to help me, taking my interests into consideration, was a mega resource.  

Free Tutoring

Don’t mind if I do. I appreciate working on my own time, but when classes go full-force and start getting hard, having some help never hurt. If you are someone who likes to push themselves to do well in school, TAKE advantage of this important resource. Thinking of transferring? You can even get assistance with that as well! See all academic assistance that’s available.

Online Writing Lab

Available 24/7 for students to upload papers for peer editing and beneficial advice to make your submissions easier. For me, many of my classes involve writing. Having the Online Writing Lab (OWL) available to me was so important. Taking a rough draft, submitting it to the OWL, waiting 24 hours or less for your assignment to be sent back to you with helpful advice and corrections in order to make that final submission less nerve-wracking. One of my favorite resources to use, and super easy too!


All FRCC campuses provide an extremely useful library that is full of resources to fulfill any number of educational needs you may have. Take advantage of a variety of online databases and learn the proper way to do MLA and APA citations, are just a few of the resources the library offers.

Computer Labs

Front Range offers many computer labs that are available every single day to Front Range staff and students. Since coming to college, it almost seemed like my laptop was a necessity. Yet, some students without one have the opportunity to take advantage of the available computers right there on campus. It is important to have thousands of online resources right at your fingertips, literally. College assignments seem never-ending, so when in doubt, head to the computer commons!

Study Rooms & Spaces

If you are like me, studying at my own house can be difficult at times, considering the distractions there. To have access to a quiet learning environment, whether for a group or just myself is a relief. Use the study rooms, they are your friend throughout the semesters when school tries to get you down. These rooms are typically first-come first-served, so be sure to manage your time well and take advantage of these great spaces.

Student Organizations

For many students going into college, most are truly unaware of the available clubs and organizations available to them. Any interests or hobbies? Start a club. Whatever you choose, the opportunities are at your fingertips. It is important to involve yourself in clubs, groups or organizations in order to build your resume, as well as meet new people with similar interests as you. You, the student, have the choice of getting involved. DO IT!

Campus Security

Every FRCC has a Campus Security Office and trained officers to help maintain a stable environment for students and staff to feel safe and comfortable around campus. If any problems or suspicion arises, resources such as the Suicide and Depression Hotline, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Tobacco Prevention and Homelessness Help links. Feel free to report problems or even get help. Great resource for students at anytime. Safety first, always.



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