I meet with faculty and students quite a bit, and I like to share their stories. This is an occasional series.

Peter Beal is a bit of an Renaissance man. He teaches humanities and art history at the FRCC campus in Fort Collins. He paints and has an exhibition of his paintings at Mercury Framing, 4692 N. Broadway, Boulder, through Dec. 22. “Open Space” is based on the landscapes of the Colorado prairies.

Away from the prairies he paints, he has written a book about bouldering, “Bouldering: Movement, Tactics, and Problem Solving.”

This video captures a conversation I recently had with Peter about bouldering and his book.

Check out Peter’s blog, too.

What do you think about bouldering? Are you ready to try it? If you’re already into bouldering, what advice would you share with novices?

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