One of the great things about international travel is the new connections you can make with people. Some intrepid Colorado friends have gone to Kenya this summer to teach multimedia skills, and I’ve been following their adventure by reading their blog.

In their most recent post, I get to share in their excitement in meeting the students at the Kaaga Girls School in Meru, Kenya.

Brandon Berman, who is director of the Multimedia Graphic Design Program at Front Range’s Westminster Campus, is among the travelers, teachers, and videographers. You will see him teaching in some of the photos on the blog.

In addition to the Kaaga Girls School, the group has met and taught students at Fred’s Academy, the Kenya Methodist University, and the Meru Technical Institute, all in Meru, Kenya. And, since they are “in the neighborhood,” they have gone on a photo safari and visited with villagers near the nature reserve.

It’s all on the blog, From Their Perspective (FTP). Check it out.

Another great thing about international travel — or reading about international travel — is that you can see how perspective can change. This internet, for instance. In Colorado, it’s a given, but as FTP blogger Ryan Good writes, “With very limited Internet access, the time allowed online has been rationed for preparing for the presentations Autumn, Brandon, and Ryan were set to give today at the Kenya Methodist University (KeMU).”

That’s not what happens in Colorado. See, perspective can change. How has your perspective been changed through travel? Please let me know below.

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