Early in their senior year of high school, or perhaps earlier, many students begin deciding where they will start their college career. Not me. I never thought about college until two months before graduation.

Graduating and Clueless

I always knew that I wanted to grow up, get a great education, and have a great career, but I was clueless about where to look and how to get started.

Front Range Community College (FRCC) quickly became the best option for me, especially after I found out that I could transfer credits to a four-year institution and earn a bachelor’s degree—all at an affordable price. I attended a Get Started Session and spoke with an advisor about what career possibilities were ahead for me.

High school graduation was only a month away, and I decided that I wanted to start at Front Range as soon as possible. I enrolled in one class during that summer semester, just to get a feel for college.

Get One-on-One Help

I had a blast, my classmates were great, and my professor was phenomenal. Having 30 or fewer students in a classroom really makes interacting with the professor less intimidating, and you can receive one-on-one help.

Scheduling also is wonderful. You can get a class morning, noon, or night, and you also can choose what class days that work better for you.

Working as a Student Ambassador

In the past year, I have met some great people and started working as a Student Ambassador. I love my job and I love FRCC.

Meeting and helping students who once were like me – scared and unsure about college – is what I love most about my job. This is my second and last year at FRCC. I will always treasure it and be very fond of this place.

I will be graduating with an A.A. in Psychology in May. I plan to start at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in the summer semester. I will be doing three years at UNC, working toward a master’s degree in educational psychology.

Transfer as a Junior

FRCC has equipped me and prepared me in so many ways! I will be able to transfer to a four-year institution with junior standing because I chose to come to FRCC to complete my first two years. FRCC has also given me a broader view of what college is like and what to expect as far as academics goes.

My advice

If I were to offer any advice to a high school senior still unsure of the future, it would be this: Don’t wait to get started. If you are unsure or still have doubts, reach out. There are advisors and professors and student ambassadors like me who are here to help you be successful.

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