The clock is ticking for people to earn their GED. Adults who have passed portions of the official exam but not all of it must finish by Dec. 31, 2013, or risk losing what they have completed. They will have to start over.

If you’ve started the GED tests, keep going. You’re well on your way. If you finish the GED test this year, you won’t have to repeat the parts you’ve already passed.

Current GED Test

The current GED is a battery of five tests – language arts and writing, mathematics, social studies, science, and language arts and reading. It takes more than eight hours to complete all test sections, so many people take one or two sections at a time. A person needs a minimum total score for all portions of the test, plus exceed the minimum score for individual portions, to earn the GED.

Testing for College & Career Readiness

Starting Jan. 1, 2014, the new exam will continue to measure high school equivalency, but it also will provide detailed information about a test-taker’s readiness for college and career training programs. The thinking is that it’s not enough to complete high school. In the 21st century, you have to be ready for college and career, too. The test will emphasize reasoning and critical thinking across four subject-matter tests – language arts, math, social studies, and science.

In addition, pencil and paper will be replaced by computers in every subject area of the exam.

Preparation for the GED is Key to Success

There are thousands of preparation and testing sites across the country. Go to to find a location near you.

  • At Front Range, the Boulder County Campus in Longmont teaches GED Preparation classes throughout the year. Instructors have transitioned to help each student succeed on the critical-thinking and reasoning-focused 2014 GED exam. In addition, there are free computer skills classes and a career and education workshop for GED-Preparation students. Please note: The last testing date for 2013 for the Boulder County Campus Testing Center is Dec. 18.
  • In Larimer County, Front Range’s Center for Adult Learning in Fort Collins and the Center for Adult Learning in Loveland offer preparation classes. The fee is $40 per semester. The official testing site in Fort Collins is at the Colorado State University.
  • In Adams County, Front Range has GED preparation and testing at the Westminster Campus.  Contact Continuing Education at (303) 404-5465 for cost and other details about the preparation classes. If you’re interested in taking the GED at Front Range’s Brighton Center, email The last day to register to take the test in 2013 is Dec. 18. The last testing day for 2013 is Dec. 19. As mentioned previously, many people take test sections one or two at a time, so plan ahead.

There’s time to complete your GED in 2013, but the clock is ticking. I’d like to hear from people who have earned the GED. How has it helped you? Your story could inspire someone else to go the distance. Please reply below.

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