Now that the school year has ended, you’re probably ready for a break—and understandably! Summer is the time when college students can, and should, take a breather to recharge their batteries. Especially when you consider the ups and downs of the last year (which was probably the most unique school year in history).

But if you’ve got even just a little “gas in your tank” still, the summer term can be a great opportunity to keep your forward momentum going—or even get ahead. Here are eight reasons to consider taking a class or two (or more):

1.     That ONE Class You Haven’t Gotten Around to Taking

Perhaps you have a couple of general education classes still on your to-do list. Maybe there’s a prerequisite that you need to fit in but weren’t able to last semester. Summer is a good chance to knock out that class you need, but for one reason or another haven’t had time to take yet.  

2.     A Shorter Semester

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If you like the idea of a shorter term, summer is for you. Most summer classes run for 10 weeks as compared to 15 during a fall or spring semester. That condensed timeframe can make for a faster pace, which might sound pretty perfect to you—especially if it’s a class you’ve been putting off or dreading. Just jump right in and get it done quickly!

3.     Flexibility—You Get to Choose

If you like having different options for how you take classes, listen up. This summer at FRCC, about 40% of classes will be offered in person on campus. The remaining will be offered as real-time remote or fully online courses.

Real-time remote classes have regularly scheduled video sessions with your teacher and classmates. Online courses are the most flexible option—you do your coursework when it fits into your life and schedule. If you like learning remotely and from the comfort of home, you’ll have both of these options available to you over the summer.

4.     Fewer Students Per Class

If you get a lot out of more intimate classes, you’re going to love the summer term. Many classes are likely to be smaller than during spring or fall semesters. With fewer students in the classroom, you’ll have more opportunities to talk with your instructor and get direct instruction and feedback. Which leads to my next point…

5.     More One-On-One Instructor Time

With a lower student-to-faculty ratio, you get more individualized attention. So if you feel intimidated speaking up in class, or are nervous about math and could use a little extra help, consider a summer class.

And hey, what better chance to get to know an instructor? The summer semester is an excellent chance to build relationships that could benefit you later on when you need a letter of recommendation.

6.     Campus is Quiet

Campus feels energetic and fun during the regular school year, but also can be a little hectic. Things quiet down a lot over summer. That laidback feel can be nice after a long, hard semester—and might make catching up on credits more appealing. It’s easier than normal to grab a quiet spot in the student center or under a tree to study.

7.     Try Something New

If you’ve had your eye on that elective or “just for fun” class, but haven’t wanted to spend time taking it during a busy semester, summer is a fabulous time to explore a subject you’ve always been curious about. It’s also a good time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

8.     Stay in the Zone

Let’s face it: Summer brain drain is a real affliction! Many students can’t help but mentally check out from college over summer breaks. While this is normal, it can lead to some regression of knowledge, making it harder to catch up when you return to campus in the fall. Even one summer class will keep your brain stimulated and working.

The summer semester at FRCC begins June 1, and it’s not too late to register for classes! Explore what we have to offer, both in person and on campus, and use this summer to continue working toward your goals. Learn more about how to register now.

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