The warmer weather is a reminder that summer is just around the corner! With summer comes lots of opportunities to embrace all that Colorado has to offer—outdoor adventures, trips to the mountains, concerts, and plenty of sunshine. But have you ever thought about taking a summer class or two as an option? Here are eight reasons why, contrary to popular belief, summer classes can be great option.

1. You can get ahead or catch up.

With 10-week courses instead of the traditional 15, summer is a great time to take a general education course you need for your major or to catch up in math. This gets you that much closer to graduation and lightens your load during the fall or spring semester!

2. They are quick!

Ten weeks will fly by. Summer is a fantastic time to take that class you have been dreading. Why? It will be over five weeks quicker than it would be in a traditional semester! It will be important to stay caught up with the material, but you still have time to enjoy the summer months.

3. You lock in the same tuition rate from this academic year.

It’s a sad reality that tuition and fees inevitably increase each year, but it doesn’t do so until the start of the fall semester. Taking a couple classes during the summer will put a few more bucks in your pocket come fall. Who couldn’t use a few more bucks?

4. Classes seem more relaxed and easy going.

This was expressed by our lead art history faculty Heidi Cordova Strang from the Westminster Campus. Classes are smaller and this offers more opportunities for one on one time with your faculty and instructors.

5. All of campus is still open, but with less students around.

This means no waiting in line! The summer is a great time to make sure everything is good to go for the following year. Use the down time in between classes to check on your financial aid status or map out your educational plan with an advisor.

6. You’ll have a good answer to “What are you doing this summer?”

Instead of replying “Oh, I’m not sure yet,” you can tell them you are keeping busy with school and that much closer to your goal.

7. You can read and do your homework in the sunshine.

You can soak up the sun and all of that knowledge from class.

8. And perhaps the most important, parking is abundant.

You won’t have to fight for that sweet spot like you do in the fall and spring semesters.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our summer class schedule!

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