Grays Peak Building and sculpture (evening light)

With all the excitement over the opening of FRCC’s new Health Care Careers Center this semester, you might have missed the inspiring new sculpture garden that flanks the entry to the new facility. The six original works by local artist Lorri Acott contribute images of healing, hope and renewal to the environment around the new Grays Peak building. And the beautiful natural setting injects a sense of calm and well-being into a busy day on campus.

Front Range Community College (FRCC) has been enriching lives through learning for more than 50 years. The college is committed to ensuring that our graduates—the health care workers of tomorrow—are well prepared to deliver high quality, compassionate care to community members.

The new facility—with its high-tech equipment and simulated health care environments—is already helping to make sure our students are ready to care for patients in the real world. Come to campus and take a few minutes to sit beside one of the six sculptures that welcome visitors to Grays Peak. The artist helps describe each one for us here:


Have you ever had a person actually hold your heart in their hands? The power to promote healing is ours. This six-foot bronze sculpture is placed at the building’s entrance, representing the mission of Front Range Community College’s Grays Peak facility in such a beautiful way. 

Caring Enough to Look

This three-foot piece has significant literal and metaphoric symbolism. It is a literal representation of what those in the health career fields do on a daily basis: They look closely at our physical bodies to learn the best ways to help us to be healthy and strong. The symbolic meaning is what we all hope that people will do for us as well— care enough to look and really see the beauty in who we are.

Heart Song

A large boulder sits on Lorri Acott’s property. It is a place where she goes into nature to remember who she is and where she—as “Sitting Rock”—goes to hear her heart song. The larger than life-sized figure sits on a four-foot rock; the seated bronze figure is seven-feet tall. A stone step makes it easy for visitors to sit on the rock with the sculpture, representing connection to nature and hope.

Spirit of Renewal

Rising almost three feet above the ground, this six-foot sculpture extends another two feet in height as the butterflies rise from the figure’s hands. Located adjacent to the pollinator garden, this sculpture symbolizes the transformation that students will find themselves making as they progress through their educational programs, and the transformations that patients make as they navigate their health situations. 

Offering Hope

The power to offer hope to others is ours. In this three-foot bronze sculpture, the figures and the bird represent the offering and acceptance of hope. Front Range Community College’s Grays Peak facility offers hope to students who are pursuing new careers for themselves. In addition, the sculpture is intended to reflect teachers’ hope to make a difference in the lives of their students and the patients they will care for.

Welcoming Hope

This three-foot bronze sculpture represents a person leaving on a journey. At the last minute hope arrives, and the figure turns to welcome it. Front Range Community College’s Grays Peak facility offers hope for better health and wellness for all those whose lives are impacted by our teachers, staff, students, and graduates.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul –

And sings the tune without the words –

And never stops – at all…

~Emily Dickinson

The Future of Health Care in Northern Colorado

Grays Peak represents FRCC’s commitment to providing students with the best teaching and learning experiences to promote their success and completion. “It is truly our privilege to support the dreams of students who wish to be health care practitioners—and to play a role in the health and vitality of our community,” says Jean Runyon, Vice President of FRCC’s Larimer campus. “Health care providers—and FRCC graduates—are needed now more than ever.”

Grays Peak serves as the main facility and training center for more than 900 students pursuing health-related careers in northern Colorado. This 61,292 square-foot building houses a variety of state-of-the-art learning spaces—including simulation suites, classrooms, labs, small group learning areas, and collaborative space to support FRCC’s health care programs. The new facility provides students with the high end, hands-on training that health care programs require, giving them “real world” environments in which to learn.

To Our Current Students and Graduates

“You will be part of many, many every day miracles,” says Runyon. “Each of you will be a healing influence in the world. What you do for others through your character, commitment, and compassion will be your legacy. Your legacy will be etched into the lives of your patients and their families forever.”

She adds: “It’s a privilege to be able to support the health care needs of our community now—and into the future.”

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