FRCC Health Care Careers Center Drawing

My name is Lucinda Womack and I am a proud alumnus of Front Range Community College’s registered nursing program. I currently am a nurse manager of local, physician-owned Associates in Family Medicine (AFM), the leading provider of primary care services in the Northern Front Range. As a nurse manager I help direct our recruitment and hiring efforts of clinical staff and I am thrilled about FRCC’s new Health Care Careers Center at the Larimer Campus!

Not Enough Nurses

The health care industry is experiencing a critical shortage of qualified health care professionals, both locally and nationally. The new Health Care Careers Center will offer a diverse selection of health care career paths, and will provide state-of-the-art training facilities.

Here at AFM, we’ve been impressed with the high-caliber nurses and medical assistants who have graduated from FRCC’s programs—but we need more of them as AFM seeks to expand and serve the needs of our growing community. We hope that the beautiful new center (which will be showcased on the corner of FRCC’s Larimer Campus) will attract more students to these high-demand careers.

Industry and Education Working Together

FRCC has actively encouraged industry participation in developing its curriculum and new health care center. AFM and FRCC are now in the second year of a one-of-a-kind apprenticeship partnership where medical assistant students are invited to step out of the classroom and learn skills in the real live clinical environment—complete with paid wages, paid tuition and earned college credit!

Not only do our apprentices receive a high-quality education from FRCC, they also receive an affordable and in high-demand credential. We could not have developed and implemented this innovative program without the collaboration of FRCC.

New R.N.-to-B.S.N. Program

Also, congratulations to FRCC for establishing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at both the Larimer and Westminster campuses, which will be offered starting fall 2019. It is the college’s second four-year degree and is very important to hospitals throughout our state, which are combating their own workforce shortages.

A Strong Partner

Not only does FRCC provide its students with a quality education—the college also actively collaborates with industry to ensure that these students are prepared to enter the workforce and advance their careers.

How FRCC Alumni Can Help

Alumni from FRCC’s health care programs recently received an email from President Andy Dorsey asking for thoughts, recommendations, insights, challenges and success stories. This feedback will be incorporated into the Health Care Career Center’s new programs, and will help contribute to the success of students as they prepare for their careers in health care. Alumni, please send your thoughts to and make a difference in the educational experience of FRCC students!

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