I started my college experience at FRCC in 1972. It was actually the North Campus for Community College of Denver and was located in the industrial park around Washington St. in southern Adams County. At first, I was a little intimidated because it did not look like any college I had ever seen. This college was in barracks!

I parked on the street and walked into the building. Although the outside did not look like a college, I knew I was in college as soon as I entered the building. I could not believe it; I was in college!

Falling in Love with College

My first class was Developmental Psychology, which was a good place to start since I worked with preschool children at Head Start. I not only fell in love with the college, I fell in love with the community college system.

I also signed up for one of the first certificate programs offered at the college, the Child Development Associates Certificate and was one of the first participants to complete the program. The year was 1975 and Front Range Community College had built the early childhood classrooms on their new campus. It was a beautiful preschool setting and the classes consisted on hands on experiential learning in his beautiful center as well as class time in the college setting. I was one of the first to receive my certificate in Early Childhood Education Management (Child Development Associate).

This opened the door for many other opportunities in Head Start, but as there is a big “IF” in life, I could not finish my degree for many more years.

Persistence Pays Off

In fall 2008, I received a scholarship to finish the degree I started working on in 1972. In December 2010, I finally earned the elusive Bachelor of Arts Degree. It was not in education but in Behavioral Science. The love for behavioral science started with my first class at CCD, which is not FRCC when I took that first psychology class.

In conclusion, I would like to leave anyone reading this story with this:

If you have a dream, never give up on it. Believe and achieve it’s worth the journey!

I had many awesome opportunities after leaving FRCC. I have owned my own businesses. I was able to conduct workshops with Head Start Programs and Community Action Programs in all of Region VIII (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota). I worked as a remedial reading and math teacher in Denver Public Schools and raised five beautiful children. After receiving my BA in 2010 my grandchildren were inspired to start college.

Today I have come full circle with FRCC by becoming a part time business instructor at both the Brighton Center and the Westminster Campus. I am also a part time business consultant with the North Metro Denver SBDC hosted by and located on the Westminster Campus. I am a firm believer in Dreams start at FRCC and can lead you where ever your heart leads you if you have the courage to keep moving toward your dream!

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