You’ve probably heard a few stances on whether it’s worth your time and energy to go to college for an associate degree. On the one hand, college is expensive and maybe you’d rather focus on working and earning. On the other hand, a two-year degree will take you further than a high school diploma.

Confused? Here are a few scenarios when going to a college like FRCC to earn an associate degree is definitely worthwhile:

When you want a college education without breaking the bank.

There’s no doubt that community colleges cost much less than most four-year colleges and universities. FRCC’s tuition is 56 percent less than tuition at Colorado’s four-year institutions. You could save about $11,000 by earning an associate degree here and transferring.

When you want an affordable bachelor’s degree.

You could earn an associate degree at FRCC, but you could also plan out your education to take advantage of one of the many statewide transfer agreements. These allow you to transfer into a university or college with junior status and complete your bachelor’s degree in no more than 60 additional credits. We have a many field of study options available—check them out.

When you’re exploring majors.

No clue of what you want to major in at a four-year college or university? That’s OK. You can take credits that are guaranteed to transfer to any four-year public institution. While you explore different fields and careers, you’re still working toward that bachelor’s degree (and not wasting your efforts).

When you’d like a smaller classroom environment.

If the idea of a big university with general education classes that have hundreds of students scares you, you’ll appreciate hearing this: FRCC’s student-to-faculty ratio is 19 to 1. Our average class size is 17 students. This is a great place to get your feet wet before you cannonball into the college waters. Here, you will receive lots of personal attention from teachers who care about your success.

When you want to boost your earning power.

It’s proven: The higher the degree, the higher the weekly earnings. Yes, it’s an investment to get a degree, but that associate degree might help you find a job or keep the one you already have. And if you do decide to go back to school down the road, you can transfer some or many of those credits.

An associate degree is a practical path to get an education. You’ll prepare yourself for the job market, make yourself more marketable and work your way toward a bachelor’s degree. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the possibilities here at FRCC!

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