Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance? Or perhaps you want to feel more coordinated and comfortable with your body, reduce stress, or find a fun way to get exercise and meet people?  You can explore all of those with the new dance courses at Front Range Community College!

Dance Classes Offered

We are excited to be offering a rotating schedule of courses that include Modern Dance, Salsa, Swing, History of Dance and Jazz Dance. See class descriptions.

My name is Maren Waldman and I am a dance instructor at FRCC in Westminster. Starting last spring, FRCC students joined me for dance education that includes technique, alignment, strength, flexibility, history, community building, self-reflection, body-mind awareness, and ultimately, personal development. Our dance courses involve ongoing, thorough self-reflection that can yield some unexpected results.

Reflections from Former Dance Students:

“Dance introduced me to a new way of thinking.”

 “Before this class, dance was something I thought only happened in nightclubs and on Broadway, not something I would partake in, or enjoy.”

 “This experience has even affected me out of class…I feel in my muscles the difference that dance has made. I hold myself differently when I walk…I feel physically stronger, more motivated, and way less lazy.”

“I have noticed a greater sense of feeling certain of myself, of how I want to move, and comfortable to express physically in other areas of dance.”

“As time went on I started to break free of my fears of being judged.”

 “I work full time and go to school full time, so I have little to no time for myself. Dance has given me the chance to find myself, allow me to breathe and hear what my body has to say to me. I have found so much freedom within myself and even though my mind is always racing, when the music starts playing and I start dancing, there is nothing else that comes through my head than dance.”

New Dance Studio

Our studio is beautiful! It is brand new and located inside the High Plains Fitness Center at the Westminster Campus. With lots of natural light and a gorgeous view of the mountains, it supports our focus on our bodies, creating beauty (even when beauty is weird and ugly), our humanity, and our ability to connect to life’s bigger picture.

Whether or not you have ever taken a formal dance class, everyone has physical intelligence. I’d love to hear from you! What does your body already know? If you could learn anything in a dance class, what would it be? What is the thing that most scares or excites you about a dance class? Email me at Maren.Waldman@frontrange.edu.

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