Great Job Search Resources at Your Local Library

There is nothing like the sweet relief that comes at end of the semester. But wait … there is also the looming job search. And sometimes job searching can seem like more of a momentous task than taking a test or writing a paper. Your local public or college library can help make your job search easier and more productive. Look for these books to get you started on your career search, writing your resume, and interviewing.

50 best jobs 50 Best Jobs for Your Personality

By Laurence Shatkin





parachuteWhat Color is Your Parachute?

By Richard Bolles





resumesGallery of Best Resumes

By David F. Noble





lettersKnock ‘Em Dead Cover Letters

By Martin Yate





interviewsSucceeding at Interviews in a Week

By Alison Straw and Mo Shapiro





Job Search Databases

At most libraries, you will be able to access job searching databases. The Harmony Library, where I work, offers a dynamic job searching tool— A to Z database. Looking for an accounting job? Get a list of accounting firms in Fort Collins to send you résumé to. Interested in sending a résumé to a certain company? Find information about the company, including names and some email addresses of executives.

See a friendly librarian at your library to find out how library databases can help you with your job search.


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2 Responses to “Great Job Search Resources at Your Local Library”

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July 07, 2014 at 1:49 pm, Samantha said:

Molly Thompson, many thanks for this list books.

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July 08, 2014 at 9:12 am, Jerry Jack said:

Thanks for suggesting this books; but Dumiees series of Job Search and Resume writing is also Good.