The high unemployment rate probably makes everyone nervous, but it can be particularly stressful if you’re trying to make a decision about your course of study in college. No one wants to invest a lot of time and money into a profession that is in a slump.

Even though we can’t be 100% certain about the future, the Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks information like this and has identified hundreds of fields that are expected to have large numbers of job openings in the near future.

As I was looking at this list the other day, I was struck by how many are connected to programs we offer here at FRCC. Here are just a few:

1. Accountants

You need a bachelor’s degree to become an accountant, but our AA with a business transfer emphasis fits the bill! We also have a wide range of accounting certificates and AAS degree to get you in the workforce quickly.

2. Computer Network Support Specialists

We have a number of Computer Information Systems certificate and degree programs that lead to employment in this field.

3. Dental Assistants

Our Larimer campus offers an excellent dental assistant certification program.

4. Nursery and Greenhouse Managers

FRCC has talented horticulture instructors and a cutting edge horticulture and landscape design program in this “growing” field.

5. Pharmacy Technicians

The Westminster campus has an accelerated pharmacy technician certification program and a hands-on pharmacy lab.

6. Welder

Taught by professionals in the field, our welding classes give you all the skills you need.

Interested? Talk to an advisor today! Or, you can research a lot of great jobs online. The federal government has information here, while the State of Colorado projections are here.

Take any government projections with a grain of salt—the labor market changes quickly. Once you uncover a few jobs, leave the web behind and start talking to people in the field. You will be amazed at how willing people are to talk about their industries and jobs.


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