It always seems “finals” and “stress” go hand in hand. Juggling a week full of exams, papers and projects can feel overwhelming, yet there are ways to combat such feelings so you can perform your best as you finish out the semester!

Sleep and Eat Right

It’s amazing how we tend to treat ourselves the worst when we have a lot on our plate, with sacrificing sleep, eating poorly, and limiting movement. During this time of high stress, make sure to get plenty of rest – avoid those all-nighters – and go for healthy foods instead of junk food.

Keep Moving and Talking

Taking study breaks to get up and doing some simple exercise, even walking around, can help to relieve stress and refresh your brain. Also, make time to talk with good friends! Our social connections can help us during stressful times, so don’t shut yourself away from spending time with them, even if it’s a simple phone call.

Manage your Time

Your syllabus should give you a good idea of what to expect for finals week. Plot out your time for each class, breaking out time to study, write, etc. over the course of the weeks leading up to finals and during that week, too. Don’t stress yourself out by leaving it all to the night before. As a frequent procrastinator, myself, I can assure you this planning will help reduce your stress!

Find a Good Study Spot

Pick a comfortable place where you can focus and a place that gives you a good vibe.  I like bright lighting, good music, and a clean space for me to be most productive. For me, a coffee shop is helpful if I leave my apartment, or the kitchen works if I stay home. Avoid distractions like social media and your phone when you are trying to get in a good groove.


Take time for deep breaths while you are tackling your work, prior to taking an exam, and while you are in the middle of a test. This will help to calm your nerves and help you feel energized. Deep breaths can ease tension and relieve stress so you can put your best foot forward.

Finish Strong

No matter what’s happened over the course of the semester, finals time allows you one last time to shine. Assess the point value of these final tasks and do your best to achieve the results you want before the semester ends. Think positively heading into the week, and at the start of an exam, so you are in the right mindset for success.


Best of luck with your finals!


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