“So, tell me about yourself.” This is often the first question asked in many interviews. Do you know your response? Do you feel overwhelmed with how to begin to answer a question like this? How much do you disclose? If you have ever struggled with how to answer this question, think about coming up with a 60 second commercial.

What is a 60 second commercial?

A 60 second commercial introduces you and who you are to a potential employer. Your commercial should first and foremost be an advertisement for yourself. It should highlight your strengths and educational background and goals, and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the skills and abilities you could bring to someone’s organization. It is also a great chance to share your work history and accomplishments.

When to use your commercial?

An interview is a great place to use your commercial, but it can also be used to help you land an interview! Networking at a career fair is a great place to use your commercial, and can help ease some of the awkwardness of walking up to an employer at a table. By having a go to statement in your back pocket, you can share a bit about yourself and ask that employer if they have any openings that might be well suited to your experience.

Example of a commercial

Here is an example of a commercial I might have used when I was in college: “Hi, my name is Colleen. I am studying Business at Front Range Community College, and plan to go on for my bachelors degree at CSU. I recently completed an internship with a marketing firm where I got to see how all of the departments interact and got to work with a team to create a brochure on what the firm offered. The internship allowed me to use my creativity and organizational skills in managing the brochure project. It was a great experience that will lend well to my goal of one becoming a director of marketing. I noticed you have a couple of marketing positions open at your company. Can you share a bit more about those opportunities?”

You never know when your commercial may come in handy – maybe you meet someone at a sporting event or at the airport and they ask what you do. Practice your commercial and be ready to answer their question. They may work in the industry you are interested in, or know someone who does. Connections can be made anywhere!


Have you ever used a 60 second commercial in an interview or networking? Share your experience in the comments below!


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