Text graphic which adds together Think + Idea + Try + Do + Do Again + and Again + Keep on Doing equals Success

We all have different roles besides being college students. Some of us are mothers, others are fathers, we are employees, as well as employers. We are all different in some ways, but we all have one thing in common: we want to be successful at Front Range Community College.

Be Extraordinary, Rather than Ordinary

The road to success starts within a heart that wants to be the best at something. A body, a mind, a heart that does not want to be ordinary, nothing but extraordinary. Trying to be extraordinary comes with sacrifices. That is a winners’ path. Winners never look for the easy way out.

The Road to Failure is Wide

The road to success is narrow, and many will miss it because the road to failure is easy and wide. It is easy to fail; do not work hard and do not have a dream, that is all it takes.

Here at Front Range students do not have to travel the winners’ path by themselves. Students have the Student Success Center to help them every step of the way. The Student Success Center has many supporting opportunities for people that want to succeed.

Get Help on Your Road to Success

I am currently taking English 122 and it’s paired up with a history class. We write about a topic we choose at the beginning of the semester, and we write three different essays. Our essays are all on the same topic, but they change context depending on the time we are studying. We do our independent research depending on the time frame, and we write.

Although the writing process sounds easy, it is not. We have to follow the MLA format and cite every work we use in our papers; we do not want to plagiarize and take credit for it. Sometimes in one paragraph I have three different sources and it can be confusing to write. That’s where the Student Success Center comes in for me. I take advantage of the Student Success Center; I am always at the Writing Center. When I need someone to edit my essays, I go to the Writing Center. When I need help with MLA citation, I go to the Writing Center. And when I don’t have time go to the Writing Center, I send it to the online Writing Center. For me, every paper has to be an “A” paper I am proud to have written.

Being the Best Means Doing More than Others

The problem with students is that we want everything right now with no work contributed. And at the same time, we want to succeed. We want it right now and we want it easy and fast.

If you want to be the best, then you are going to have to do more than others do. Instead of doing what you want to do, do what is necessary to become the best. Sometimes you might want to quit when things get hard. Life is hard sometimes, and the best thing is to cope with things as they come. For example, sometimes I want to give up trying to write my twelve-page paper, but I find myself looking forward towards summer break, and I get my motivation back.

Find YOUR Motivation

When life gets hard, find something that drives you towards success. Let it be a fifteen minute break for immediate reward, or a weekend to go camping with no homework. Success is not easy. It will take hard work on the part of anyone who wants to be the best. Try your best and it the end you will see the success you have accomplished. Good luck.

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