Have you ever wondered what might set you apart from other job and school applicants? In this increasingly competitive job market, it might be useful to consider it. A college honors program is a great way to challenge yourself, build up your resume, and possibly establish community contacts that could lead to job opportunities down the road.

A Growing Honors Program at FRCC

FRCC Honors is adding new classes each semester. There are 38 classes for the spring 2013 semester with embedded honors options at the Larimer Campus, and we are in the process of expanding the program to the Westminster Campus. Classes are offered in a variety of disciplines, including accounting, anthropology, art, astronomy, biology, business, communications, computer information systems, economics, education, French, history, interior design, literature, math, natural resources, psychology, and veterinary technology.

How Honors Programs Work

In order to get the full Honor’s Program designation on your college transcript, you will need to do these things:

  • Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA at FRCC
  • Complete the two-credit Honors Seminar (offered spring semester each year)
  • Successfully complete 10 credits of embedded honors courses

If you complete the program, you will also be recognized at graduation. But whether or not you complete it, your transcript will reflect each honors course that you finish successfully, and you will gain skills and experiences that will build your confidence and competency.


What about you; have you taken or taught honors classes? Was it worth it?

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