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We’re in full holiday mode now! With the students and faculty done with finals, they are off enjoying their well-earned winter break. Before they left, we asked them to share with us some of their favorite holiday foods. I think you’ll really see the diversity of our Front Range family in their responses.

Dan Balski:

Anything my mom bakes around the holidays. She shows her love through her culinary creations!


Sandra Bergman:

Roast Beast! When it’s my turn to host Christmas, I opt for something other than turkey. And after all, we just had turkey at Thanksgiving! Cooking for my vegetarian husband, it’s not often that I get beef, and prime rib is my favorite.

Hannah Brown:

I’m especially partial to cookies, cakes and pies of any sort!


Danielle Carnes:

I love the appetizer part of the meal. I could dine on brie with honey & walnuts all afternoon. Forget the main dish! Spinach artichoke dip, stuffed mushrooms, and fresh sourdough bread—yum!

Michaele Charles:

Party potatoes. It’s like a cheesy potato casserole. YUM!


Rebecca Chavez:

Tamales with red chile that my grandma makes. Unfortunately, she doesn’t make them as much as she used to.  I may try making them—and not get mad when the masa (dough) doesn’t stick to the hojas (corn husks)—so the tradition continues.

John Feeley:

Coconut balls. My wife is famous for them. For starters, just ask this baker’s dozen: Dan, Patricia, Derrick, Susan, Larry, Mike, Jeanne, Doug, Rachel, Calvin, Nancy, Tac, Ann.

Chris Heuston: Champagne!



Jonathan Link:

The ham we have for Christmas dinner.


Kathy Mennen:

My husband’s family is Italian, and they make spaghetti—yes, spaghetti—for holiday meals.  It’s a recipe straight from the Old Country, and we enjoy making it as much as eating it.  From my side of the family, I make Nisuaa (pronounced NISS-ooh-ah), a Finnish sweet bread, using my Finnish great-grandmother’s recipe.  And of course none of this food has any calories whatsoever!

April Peterson:

English Trifle Pudding. There’s no good way to make this recipe low-fat or low sugar, but once a year it’s heavenly.


Eric Salahub: Pecan Tarts.



Reno Toffoli:

I’m a sucker for the classic turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing…basically Thanksgiving dinner.


Colleen Toomey:

My grandpa’s stuffing. I made it for Thanksgiving this year, but couldn’t do it justice.


What are your favorite holiday foods? Got any good recipes you’re willing to share?

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