The holiday season is rife with traditions. Some traditions are religious, some revolve around food, and some are just for fun. Whatever the tradition, they tend to hold  a lot of sentimentality and involve family. In this post our FRCC bloggers talk about their personal holiday traditions that are near and dear to their hearts.


Dan Balski:

Spending time with my family on Christmas Eve. We usually have a big meal then open presents, which is now one of few times we are all together during the year.

Sandra Bergman: 

Taking my kids to church on Christmas Eve and singing Christmas songs. Everyone gets their own candle to light and we close the service by singing Silent Night by beautiful candlelight.

Hannah Brown:

I’m actually looking for some new traditions to start with my brand new family! Any suggestions?


Danielle Carnes:

I like Christmas morning the best. I make a cup of Jasmine Tea, start cooking a special Christmas breakfast, and then watch the kids open presents and explore everything that Santa brought.  

Michaele Charles:

An all-family kickball game (if it’s nice outside, we do this after eating).  I also love decorating Christmas cookies with my two kids, which is usually a lot more frosting-eating than decorating…

Rebecca Chavez: 

Picking names for gift giving so the holiday is more about spending time with family than the gifts.


John Feeley:

Christmas Eve service, presents at 6:30 Christmas morning, sweet rolls for breakfast, then Mass.


Chris Heuston:

Drinking champagne while decorating the Christmas Tree. How else do you get through cutting a tree down and decorating it with 3 kids and a dog?


Jonathan Link:

Delicious breakfast in the morning before opening presents.


Kathy Mennen:

Watching the Vatican Midnight Mass.  You don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy the beautiful music, spectacular St. Peter’s Basilica, and the colorful parade of faithful from around the world coming together to celebrate.  There are even commentators who explain everything that’s going on and translate everything into English.

April Peterson:

Decorating the living room with non-breakable ornaments, then letting the cat back in room. We really must make a video for YouTube!


Eric Salahub:

Going out for Christmas breakfast at Johnson’s Corner (truck stop) after opening presents.


Reno Toffoli:

We’ve got a Lionel train set that my grandfather purchased for my dad and uncle in 1955 for Christmas. When I was a kid we used to set it up around the tree. I have recently acquired the train and did a total restoration on it a couple years ago. We are continuing the tradition of running the—now nearly 60 year old—train around our tree and buying a new (old) car for it every year. My three year old daughter loves it!

Colleen Toomey:

Traveling back to the Bay Area, where I grew up, to spend time with my family and friends.


What special traditions are you looking forward to this holiday season?

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