As time dwindled for some intrepid friends teaching and sharing technology with students in Meru, Kenya, insights grew from relationships built with the people in this African nation.

Brandon Berman, who is director of the Multimedia Graphic Design Program at Front Range’s Westminster Campus, is among the travelers, teachers, and videographers, so we at Front Range have been following the travels through the group’s blog postings.

Here’s the latest from group member Ryan Good:

“We gained new insights about life, hard work and the value of sharing with others. We encountered some of the world’s friendliest people and hospitality unlike any we could have expected. We have found ourselves learning the real meaning of cultural exchange. We have learned that it is one thing to spread information as you came to see it, but another entirely to watch an individual mind ignite with creativity and provide ability for one to craft their own inspiration. This is something that you cannot measure.”

And a bit of wisdom that shows the importance of even a short teaching trip:

“We were inspired when (John Kamwara, a visionary teacher, pictured above) told us, ‘Haba na haba hujaza kebab,’ a term which translates as ‘little by little fills a big container.’ As we pass our last few days of the project we continue to hope that the students of Meru will help to implement technological growth with the tools we have left them. We can see that haba na haba the world can continue to become a better place.”

You can read the full posting at the blog. What do you think about the expression “little by little fills a big container”?

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