Now that I’ve written that little bit of welcome in the headline, I suppose I could push some button somewhere – the button that says “PUBLISH” – and there, I’m blogging.

But it’s not that simple. Several of my friends here at the college – Sandra Bergman, Jay Demore, Marian Maharas, and Cheri Brunvand, among them – and our friendly free-lance writer, Michaele Charles, have thought a lot about starting a blog. This thinking wasn’t all fun in the sun, of course. We used a meeting room inside College Hill Library.

We’ve thought about it so much that we might have earned degrees in blogology. OK, I made up that word. Maybe it will enter the language some day, as bracketology has, thanks to ESPN.

So we’ve thought thoughts about this. Such as, What do we want this blog to do? Answer: We want this blog to help people be successful through education.

Another question: How will we do that? Well, we can write about starting college in high school, meeting with an advisor, choosing a major, paying for college, getting that degree, finding scholarships, guaranteed transfer, internships, becoming job-ready, changing careers or restarting one, stopping to smell the flowers – or visit an art show – while enrolled on campus, balancing family and work with studies – and more.

And wouldn’t it be cool to use a beach ball as the point on an exclamation point? But I digress.

I don’t think we’ll run out of topics.

And it’s not like I’ll be the only writer on Writing the Front Range. I will be asking faculty – many of whom I’ve observed doing great work in their classrooms – to guest blog. Who knows? I might even get the president to contribute.

A final question: After people read our blog, what do we want them to do? Answer: We want people to share the blog, visit our Web site. And, very important, talk back to us. This Web thing – it’s supposed to be about engagement.

So, there you go. I’m blogging. What do you think?

Where’s that PUBLISH button?

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