In March, FRCC students voted to repurpose existing student bond fees and add some new fees for parking and student center improvements at Westminster and for new, renovated, and expanded classrooms and student space at Larimer. On each campus, over 80% of the voting students approved the fees—saying “yes” to a safer, better learning environment and expanded student-oriented areas for our vibrant student body.

The news is exciting for all of us at FRCC. Now that these votes have passed and the State Board has approved the fees, visitors will soon see dramatic changes on each campus.

Expansion of Larimer Campus

At Larimer Campus, we’ll be tackling five projects that will expand our space by more than 63,000 square feet. We expect the first of these projects to start this summer and the last to wrap up by 2015:

Student Center & Parking for Westminster Campus

At Westminster Campus, here are the projects you’ll see getting started very soon:

  • Parking lot improvements, including a new stoplight, additional parking spaces, and new pedestrian walkways. The new parking lot should be finished in fall 2013.
  • Student Center/Student Life space improvements to allow for increased engagement. The Student Center will have…

o A new coffee bar
o A new multipurpose performance space
o A new student club and gathering space
o A new quiet study rooms and presentation prep space
o A new family/companion restroom
o Upgraded gym and fitness facilities with expanded hours
o Upgraded outdoor eating areas
o Upgraded game room space
o Expanded computer access
o Updated flooring and paint, energy efficient lighting

Recent Boulder Campus renovations

As these projects get underway, I don’t want to overlook the exciting changes that have taken place at the Boulder County Campus. In November 2011, we celebrated a $2 million renovation that made more efficient and effective use of campus space. And just a few weeks ago, we cut the ribbon to open a Student Success Center and Computer Commons.

Looking ahead to a bright future

Students played a huge role in shaping the plans at the Westminster and Larimer campuses; without their help, our vision would not be nearly as powerful. I am also thrilled that so many people within our community believe so strongly in FRCC’s future.

Soon, we will break ground on the biggest and most important projects in our college’s history. I am sure I am not the only one who is eager to see the transformation of our Westminster and Larimer campuses over the next few years. I know this investment will make these two campuses even better places to learn, live, work, and grow.

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