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New Bachelor of Applied Science degree will save students time and money on their way to rewarding careers.

Front Range Community College is now offering its third bachelor’s degree completion program. The degree in business for creative industries, which has been approved by the Higher Learning Commission, will prepare students for success in the following career fields:

* Associate degree programs offered at other colleges that can transfer to FRCC for the bachelor’s program in business for creative industries

Why Earn a Bachelor’s Degree?

“Earning this degree can help turn your passion into a great career,” according to FRCC Chair Dolly Rosenbrook. “Many employers in creative fields prefer a bachelor’s degree.”

For example, 86% of employers require a bachelor’s degree when hiring interior designers, according to O*Net Online. FRCC conducted a survey of local creative industry professionals that found 75% of respondents feel a bachelor’s degree is either “extremely” or “very” valuable—and the majority said they prefer candidates with bachelor’s degrees.

Career Possibilities

With a bachelor’s degree, not only are creative professionals more likely to get hired, they also qualify for higher-paying creative and management positions.

Data above from Lightcast

Business Expertise for Creative Professionals

FRCC’s new Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree gives students in these programs a way to continue their education to succeed in the creative workforce. The new program provides the business skills students need to start their own company in a creative field or to advance within a company or industry.

The BAS degree also gives job candidates the right qualifications for creative roles in business and organizational leadership. Students in the program will learn critical skills such as:

  • Marketing
  • Managing teams
  • Creative strategy and planning
  • Project management
  • Organizational leadership
  • Sustainable creative practices


FRCC’s new BAS program can be completed fully online, and students can attend either full time or part time. It’s specifically designed to be flexible for adult learners, allowing extended time to earn a degree. 76% of FRCC students attend college part time—which allows them to have time for their jobs and families as well.

“Our BAS will work well for students who have earned an associate degree or are currently enrolled in an associate degree program—and for professionals who are already working in the industry,” said Rosenbrook.


FRCC is the only college in Colorado to offer this degree. Students can start and finish their bachelor’s degree in less time without having to transfer to a university—and for a lot less money. This is FRCC’s third bachelor’s degree offering.

The new business for creative industries degree builds on FRCC’s established associate degree programs in these creative fields, which are equivalent to the first two years of undergraduate studies. To earn the new bachelor’s degree, students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in one of these disciplines can complete two additional years of more advanced courses in their chosen field—without having to transfer credits to another college.

And because FRCC is part of the Colorado Community College System, credits from other CCCS colleges transfer in seamlessly. “FRCC welcomes students from our sister schools with open arms,” said Rebecca Woulfe, vice president of academic affairs and provost.

Leading the Way

The Colorado Community College System offers several Associate of Applied Science degrees in these creative fields, but only a some of those credits transfer to four-year colleges and universities around the state.

“FRCC is taking the lead on the BAS in business for creative industries in an effort to help students save time and money on completing their four-year degree,” said Woulfe.

Colorado is one of 11 states in the country where all community colleges in the system offer bachelor’s degrees, according to the Community College Baccalaureate Association.

“We’re ready to put Colorado on the map by adding bachelor’s degrees at many, if not all, of our community colleges here in the state,” Woulfe added. “I’m truly excited about the great opportunity this gives our students.”

The Colorado legislature passed a law in 2014 that allows community colleges in the state to offer four-year bachelor of applied science (BAS) degrees. Since then, FRCC has launched a BAS program in geospatial science (GIS) and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) completion program. The BAS in business for creative industries is the college’s third bachelor’s degree offering.

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