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It has now been 15 years since I started giving presentations about community colleges to prospective students. During this time, I have continued to hear many people say that community colleges are not for them, only to be surprised that they are a great fit!

I’ve found that many stereotypes of community colleges still exist. (I held many myself before I started working here.) So I’ve enjoyed my role of trying to dispel them each time I have a chance.

Perhaps you are someone who is unsure if a community college might be a good fit for you. Take my quick (and unscientific) quiz and see for yourself!

Answer true or false for each statement:

There are many people, including myself, who would love to talk with you to see if a community college is a good fit for you. If you have questions, please feel free to contact our admissions team. Or, if you’ve attended or are currently attending a community college, let us know why it was a great fit for you.

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