At Front Range Community College, we pay a lot of attention to reducing costs—and our students know that we have low tuition and high-quality courses.

We recently started paying more attention to another type of cost that is very real for you: your time.

Time—Your Scarcest Resource

Since we teach economics, we know all about opportunity cost—which is basically the cost of what you have to pass up in order to get something you want. (For example, if you decide to take a college course, you can’t spend that time or that money doing something else.)

Unfortunately, college class schedules don’t always recognize this tradeoff. That’s why FRCC’s Boulder County Campus has begun offering all of our business classes (on a rotating basis) as evening hybrid classes.

What’s a Hybrid Course?
Hybrid classes offer you the best of both worlds:

  • Face-to-face contact with knowledgeable and supportive instructors.
  • Flexible online learning activities that reduce the number of trips you need to make to campus.

Meet on YOUR Schedule

You can complete one or two classes by going to campus just one evening each week, and completing the rest of your work online. You will still interact with your instructors and classmates throughout the week—but you will do so in a way that meets your schedule, not ours.

You will be able to find every course you need without having to make those costly adjustments to your life (which our campus-only classes sometimes require).

Balance Classes with Work, Family and Life

The online portion of your classes let you can participate at times that work best for you. You also eliminate the time and hassle of commuting—so you have more time for learning.

Using this hybrid model, you can complete two courses in a 15-week semester by dedicating just one evening per week. That’s less than three hours a week of your time spent on campus.

Or you could take a full load of 12 credits by coming to campus just two evenings per week. And hybrid classes don’t cost any more than on-campus classes!

Certificates Beef Up Your Résumé

In addition to earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in the evenings, you can strengthen your résumé by earning several business-related certificates:

  • Business Specialization
  • Foundations of Business
  • Small Business Operations
  • Small Business Ownership

Continue in Your Career—or Pursue a New Path

Our evening hybrid options allow you to keep working while you’re in school. You’ll graduate with the tools you need to advance in your current job—or get started in a new direction.

Find out how to get started with the next, exciting step in your career. Contact the admissions staff at the campus you’re interested in attending.

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