Winter break is right around the corner and many students are ready for the much needed break! The holidays and balancing a budget can be a challenging time for college students, whether at home or away from family. Finding a gift that helps reduce a student’s financial burden and is something they love can be tricky. Here are a few gift ideas your favorite student is sure to love and will prove to be useful during their educational adventure.

1. Portable Power

Sometimes, even the most prepared student is caught off guard with an undercharged mobile device. Portable power like Mophie ($79.95) can quickly charge a tablet or cell phone in emergency situations. They are small and very simple to use allowing for discrete use in class to power up a dead device.

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards, especially the generic ones like Visa, MasterCard or American Express, can be particularly useful for your student. They can be used in the vending machines here at Front Range for a quick snack or at most retailers, like the campus bookstore or the campus cafe. They may seem like a generic gift, but your college student will thank you!

3. Backpack

Students love their backpacks! Not only are they an outward expression of their personality but they are also your students lifeline when going to and from classes. Backpacks can take a beating and eventually need replacing. They can be particularly expensive depending on the type and brand. Get your student a super backpack they wouldn’t splurge on for themself. A good backpack can distribute weight properly, warding off a backache. Functionality is also important as pockets and closures keep those books, devices and school supplies secure.

4. Socks

Students never seem to have enough warm comfy socks. It seems like an “old school” gift to give, however, your student (and their classmates) will be thanking you when a laundry day just isn’t feasible.

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