The FRCC Foundation is giving away $500,000 in scholarships! When it comes to writing the perfect scholarship essay, a great deal of advice and resources are available, especially on the Internet. However, when it comes to writing your essay for an FRCC Foundation scholarship, there are three specific questions that must be answered. A killer essay for the FRCC Foundation Scholarship will incorporate your best answers to the following questions.

Why should the Foundation invest in you?

Every year, individual donors and organizations give generously to the Foundation and the FRCC community. It is the Foundation’s responsibility to be as careful and as diligent as possible when selecting scholarship recipients. Donors are very interested in seeing that their contributions are improving the lives of students and the community as a whole in the most effective way possible. What does this mean in terms of your essay? Make a compelling case and present it in a way that speaks to these values. Express how this investment is a smart one for the Foundation to make. For instance, if you are back in school after years as a stay at home parent, perhaps speak to the “WHY” behind your decision and your drive to return to school.

What are your academic and professional goals?

This seems like a simple and straightforward question, right? Well it is, but be very careful to relate and align your goals with those of the community and of the donors. It isn’t enough to say that you want to get a job someday. Tell the reader how your goal of getting a job or going onto a four-year degree or beyond aligns with those of the community, especially if you plan on staying in Colorado. This will tell the reader that the investment that they are making in you is a wise choice and one that will have benefits for years to come.

After achieving your academic goals, how will you give back to your community?

Your answer to this question should dovetail nicely with your answers to the previous questions. Another tip is to incorporate your answers to these three questions in a cohesive and seamless document. Avoid listing the question and then answering it in a paragraph or two. The reader is looking for your story wrapped into the answers to these questions. They want to relate to you. One of my favorite quotes is that “facts tell, stories sell.” So sell yourself through your story while carefully giving answers to the three questions. The reader is interested in your drive, or passion for doing what you are doing. Your excitement through your words will excite them as well! Also be sure to re-read your essay many, many times and submit your essay to the Writing Lab or ask friends and family to read it for you. Above all, be as sincere as possible and have fun writing! See how to apply for the FRCC Foundation Scholarship.



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