Some will travel, some will sleep in. Some will catch up on studying, some will try to party hard. When we think about spring break we might think of Mexico, a road trip, a one-night stand, or excessive alcohol. Spring break can be a great memory, and it doesn’t have to be crazy to have been worth it. Whatever your spring break plans, here are a few things you won’t learn from Selena Gomez and James Franco.

#1: If they are worth it, they’ll be worth it when you are sober.

Liquid courage might help you relax, but it doesn’t give great dating advice.

#2: Drink lots (of water).

If you’re heading to the sun, the snow, or find yourself at a party, drink plenty of water. And wear sunscreen.

#3: Making memories isn’t the same as making regrets.

Whether you stay at home or travel, you can make a memory – make one you’ll remember, and you’ll want to remember. If you have to convince yourself you won’t regret it (or will have to lie about it to your parents or future spouse), it’s probably not worth it.

#4: Tell a friend where you are going.

Take travel warnings seriously. Make a plan, stay on the trail, and take a friend with you. Oh, and wear sunscreen.

#5: Make copies.

Make a copy of your license or passport, tickets and maps, and put them somewhere safe.

When you come back…school starts again. We’re halfway there – take a few minutes to breathe and rest. Eat some good food. Do something you love. And of course, wear sunscreen.


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