We are entering an interesting time in the automotive field. Highly skilled master technicians are getting older, and there aren’t enough younger people filling those positions. This is a great opportunity for young people who love cars and enjoy working with their hands to enter a field where there is a very high job-placement rate.

Skilled Mechanics are in Demand.

Being a skilled mechanic makes you very marketable. Most Americans own at least one car, and cars are always breaking down. You can take these skills to any city and get a quality job—one that cannot be outsourced. The automobile repair industry isn’t going anywhere.

If you want to learn more about current automotive job trends, see this article from USA Today.

A Rewarding Career.

Working on cars for a living is an extremely rewarding career. Every day you will diagnose problems and return vehicles safely to the road. Every vehicle you fix increases your confidence a little more until you are a master technician, giving advice and knowledge to the next generation of new recruits.

Automotive Technology at FRCC.

The Automotive Technology Program at FRCC is an excellent way to learn the skills you will need to be successful in the workplace. All of our teachers have a long history of working as mechanics in the field and have very in-depth knowledge of all the different automotive systems.

‘Soft Skills’ Essential, Too.

Not only will you learn every system found on today’s vehicles; we also make sure you gain the soft skills to be successful.  We teach our students to think critically so they can solve anything from electrical problems to relationship problems. We teach ethics and hold an ethical standard in our classes to help students understand the importance of telling the truth and admitting when you made a mistake.

When our students leave our program, they understand having respect for their customers and co-workers is one of the most important aspects of being successful. We want all of our students to leave here with all of the tools to succeed, not only in the automotive field, but in anything they choose to put their minds to.

You Can Fix Just About Anything.

You will understand how electricity works, and, before you know it, you are replacing light fixtures in your house and fixing your vacuum cleaner. You will have your soldering iron out in your garage repairing a connection on your kids’ radio-controlled helicopter. I have become a handyman able to diagnose and fix just about anything that comes my way because I know how electricity works, I understand how things work mechanically, and I can think critically and solve problems. Being a mechanic gives you the skills and confidence to fix just about anything.

I Found my Calling.

I started fixing cars and taking automotive classes in high school, then took automotive and education classes at a community college, and finally received my bachelor’s degree in automotive technology at Southern Illinois University. I worked in the field as a mechanic at a number of shops in Fort Collins, including the Spradley Barr Autoplex, Pederson Toyota, Kings Auto, and Houska Automotive. Teaching was always a passion of mine, and when I realized that I could teach Automotive Technology at Front Range, I knew it was my calling.

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