Returning to school as an adult learner and a mother of two young children offered up a host of challenges I would need to overcome if I was to succeed. Along with the academic anxiety I was already feeling, the cost of tuition, books and supplies was a huge concern for me. I assumed I’d need to take out numerous student loans to help cover my educational costs. The long-term prospect of being saddled with large student loan debt, was not overly appealing to me and I decided to explore other avenues.

A Good Candidate for Scholarships?

As I embarked on my first semester at Front Range Community College, I immediately began to research scholarships. To my relief, very generous scholarships were indeed being offered through the Front Range Foundation. Applying for Foundation scholarships during my very first semester of college was completely frightening. I had no college experience, no course history and no GPA. I had yet to build any academic relationships with professors and had really no idea who I could ask for letters of recommendation. I questioned whether or not I was a good candidate for a scholarship, but my looming educational costs prompted me to at least give it a try and apply.

Scholarships Cover Tuition—and More

When I was notified I had been selected as a scholarship recipient through the Front Range Foundation, I was completely elated as well as relieved. The generous scholarship I received helped cover the cost of my full time tuition as well as the books required for my four college level classes. As it turned out, I was also able to purchase much needed school supplies.

Scholarships Improved My Academic Success

While receiving a scholarship will undoubtedly help with tuition and books, the scholarship itself can help lead a student on to greater academic excellence. Once the financial obligation tied to receiving my education was lessened, I was able to focus more on my classes and succeed in each and every one of them. After several semesters, I was invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, the honor society on campus, and have recently been ask to serve as an officer in a local chapter. I’m certain the attention I’ve been able to pay to my academics directly led to both of these accomplishments.

Scholarships Can Leave a Lasting Mark

I am incredibly grateful for the scholarships I received through the Front Range Foundation. Being chosen as a scholarship recipient in my very first semester of college was the added boost I needed to know, for sure, that I was right where I was supposed to be. I knew the scholarship committee saw potential in me and I was now even more determined to give my time at Front Range everything I had and prove that I was a worthy recipient through my educational success. Receiving the scholarship helped set the right tone for my academic career and steered me on a clear path for future success.

Have you received scholarships to help pay for college? How did it affect you?


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